We are a small family business assisting very small farms and businesses, primarily among the plain people. Our interest is in helping to preserve the small family farm along with the sustainable practices which will enable excellent care of the land, animals, and crops entrusted into our care to use for the nutrients for healthful living. We believe great and large operations tend to greed and thus destructive affects towards persons working for the good of others while an approach of equal sharing to all mankind will result in more personal ownership and thereby better care will be given in the stewardship of goods. As persons are rewarded for their efforts with sustainable returns, they will automatically feel a sense of worth for their achievements and be inspired to keep continued production high quality goods. Real strength is found in individual ownership, community efforts of helping with the misfortunes of their neighbors, and living for the good of others, from nearby to other parts of the land and even to the rest of the world. 
Our goal is to assist small-scale honest farmers to market their goods into health food stores and markets on our region. 

About Products & Animals

Our Raw Milk from Cows is packaged in quarts and half gallon glass bottles and in plastic pints, quarts, half gallons and gallons. This milk is from heritage breed cows where the herd is being pushed towards a 100% A2A2 type protein. Our cows are 100% grass fed year around -- never soy beans, corn or any other grains.this yields a much higher CLA level and healthier cows. Yet every batch of milk is tested in the dairy lab before the stores receive it to check for pathogens to try to endure a safe product for our customers.
Our Raw Goat Milk is from a herd of goat where no soy is in the feed. Some GMO free grains are fed since goat do need some grain their diets for best of health. Fresh raw goat milk is often used b folks with cow milk in-tolerances. But sometimes folks cannot seem to tolerate even goat milk and so we also offer sheep milk as another option.
Our Raw Sheep Milk is from another small farm where soy is not fed at all. All farming practices are organic and there are no GMO crops raised on GMO grains purchased to put into feed for the livestock. The sheep are given careful care and milk is a sweet tasting clean milk, not as gamey as goat milk and not as chaulky as cow milk, leaving a fresh palate. Sheep milk has the highest CLA levels of any mammal. it is richer in nutrients than cow or goat with greater amounts of fats but these fats are short chain, small molecular fats that the body can utilize much easier and not as apt to store.
Swiss Villa Raw Milk Cheese from cows,goats and sheep are available in 8 oz. blocks and also in bulk blocks and wheels. We offer near 40 options including Baby Swiss and Cheddar to Applewood Smoked Blue Cheese to Clothbound Cheddar.
Swiss Villa is offering a brand of selected dairy goods called Lancaster Local. Currently we have Organic skim milk from 100% grass fed heritage breed cows, Cream top yogurt for 100% grass fed cows, and sheep milk yogurt from soy free, GMO free fed sheep.
Swiss Villa also offers Eggs from Soy Free fed Chickens (GMO Free as well). these eggs are unclassified since they are packed on the farm and have never been through a commercial washer and grader. These fresh morsels are from hens running on pastures during the spring, summer and fall seasons. 
Duck Eggs make a good possibility for folks dealing with egg allergies. Our duck eggs are soy free and GMO free.Besides the allergy issue, duck eggs are great for using in baking as the whites are stiffer and yield in fluffier Chiffon cakes.
Swiss Villa Pasture Raised Pork has also been fed no soy and no GMO feeds. Heritage breed pigs allowed in the open air to run and scamper along with foraging in the grasses are certainly to be more natural than those kept in large barns for their entire life. Fresh air and sunshine, grasslands and running areas -- what a natural environment! No nitrates in our bacon, ham or other goods. 
Swiss Villa also offers Grass Fed Beef from ground beef to sirloin steaks to marrow bones. And then we have the no nitrate beef snack sticks that many folks enjoy in addition to our fresh and frozen meats. Humanely raised and handled.
Swiss Villa Maple Syrup is harvested in Western PA on a small farm and cooked off in a small family operation "maple syrup shack." Packed in half liter, 1 liter and 1 gallon glass jars. Golden amber or dark robust types are available.
Small farmed Coffee coming in numerous offerings bearing names such as Farmhouse Blend, Red Barn Blend, Rising Rooster's Roast, Happy Hen's Eggs Press O, D'calf, Cowboy Blend, Milk Maid's Irish Cream, Grandpa's Bold Blend, Grandma's Milk Roast, Farmer's Fresh Roast and Mrs. Farmers Sunny Choice. This coffee is very smooth; in fact there is no bitter after taste.  And it is produced on small family plots with programs helping young families to be able to purchase land and have a sustainable income for their family in their own culture. Thus this fits well with our other small farmed goods.
We also a good number of other goods from other branded farms and creameries in our area. These include additional yogurts, milks, cheeses, spelt bakery goods (Breads, cookies, pies and more) Raw honey,and goat milk soaps. You may send for a complete listing of goods. Philip@SwissVillallc.com 

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